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Baker Beach to Golden Gate

"Baker Beach Golden Gate"
20" x 16" 
Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM  


16" x 20" 
Origina SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM  

A Dusting of Snow

"A Dusting of Snow"
36" x 18"  Origina AVAILABLE  Acrylic on ClaybordTM 
Pt.Bonita Lighthouse

"Point Bonita Lighthouse"

20" x 16" 
Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM

Headlands to Golden Gate

"Headlands to Golden Gate"
"20" x 16" 
Original SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM


RowBoat on the Beach

"Rowboat on Beach"
16" x 20" Origina SOLD Acrylic on ClaybordTM  




Mountain Cabin

"The Cabin"
20" x 16" Origina SOLD  Acrylic on ClaybordTM



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